Tuesday, April 18, 2006

My apologies, I am now engaged, been rather busy...

Big Ships

So recently I have noticed a trend around Mars. Maybe its been going on in other places for a while and just now getting to us or maybe, as I suspect, certain people are just bleeding it over from habits picked up in II. Either way I thought I would rant a little on why you do not want to have BIIIIG ships in your navy.

The first reason is pretty obvious, its a big target. You have invested a considerable amount of your manpower, resources, and firepower into one, very large, target. Your enemy knows this and will concentrate on it. I don't care how cool you think it is, a fleet of enemy warships WILL destroy you uber ship, and then instead of being down a couple warships you are down a considable amount of your fleet. You have heard the expression never put all your eggs in one basket?

Another excuse I have heard is that its a system or fleet command ship. Why are you making a giant ship to command all the rest of your ships? I can't think of any logical reasons to do this unless its something of a mobile Starbase, Shipyard, or Factory. In any of these cases I might see a player being able to justify one, maybe a couple if they had a huge fleet, but never more than a handful of them, and my eariler point stands, you have a giant target that they are going to take out, and in this case you're losing your high ranking command staff in the attack, so its a big blow to you again...

Here's one of my personal favorites: "My population has gone up so now I can support a larger ship." Huh? Your people suddenly grew in size? Sure you can argue that you have greater industrial power and superior tech as your pop goes up, so technically you could build larger ships, but there comes a certain point (IMO that point is around 2Km) in which the ship is just a big gravity well that will suck in enemy fire and soak all the damge until it dies. You can go ahead and build your giant ships, just don't get mad when my gigantic fleet of medium sized warcraft come in and take out your ubership with only moderate causualties. It will happen.

That brings me to my last point on this: A giant ship requires more effort to manuveur. The problem with this is that smaller craft are going to be able to move to the weak points in your defensive grid. Or concentrate on one side of the ship and knock out its defences there and then pound the ship into oblivion. There is no way you can match the concentrated firepower of a fleet of smaller craft with one giant ship, there is going to be a weak spot on your ship or if you spread it out equally they will just overpower your firepower with theirs.

Just an annoyance of the day... thought I would share my thoughts...

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Technicalities in your RPing

OK, here is yet another thing that pisses me off... people who are using OOC game technicalities that if you looked at things logically you can almost surely know will be debunked in a few minutes, yet you post an IC responce off of the assumption anyways.

This seems to be to the cause of many of those retcons I mentioned earlier, and it all comes back to the same thing, thinking through your actions BEFORE you post...

Sysk is a prime example of this. He knowingly took advantage of a stupid in game technicality (nation expiration) which he was ACTIVELY RPing with the person, and chose not to inform him of his soon to be expired account. Then, unlike most reasonable people, he chose to immediately declare Iraqistan non-existant, without waiting to see if the player is coming back (Which he obviously was) violating a long established precedant that if a player returns you retcon the land grabs in his territory.

Today I encountered another such thread, though this one was a little less blatant. Ryleh, picked apart my post and decided that since I declared that I would immediately begin to seed my nation with Algae then I would move on to neighbors and implied that I would ask permission (but honestly did fail to mention explicitely), and then I would spread to other nations who gave me permission.

He immediately took my post, tore it apart and decided that I just moved in on his territory. He was on IRC and perfectly capable of clarifying things with me but instead chose to take IC action. Now we have it mostly resolved but its just another good example of people not looking where they are going before making leaps IC.

Heres a bit of advise for people, if you want to do something, especially with another nation or their stuff, a good rule of thumb is to at the very least consult with the person before jumping to conclusions, 99% of misunderstandings are your fault not the other person's, the sooner you come to realize this the better off everyone around you will be. If you don't want to clarify something with other people at the very least don't make giant leaps IC, post a warning thread indicating you are preparing to do something then wait for reactions, as technically you would have to do that anyways, this will give others a change to react (as they would get to IRL and will end up doing after your post anyways, only now they will be pissed off and you not have a chance to IC back down from your actions) wait a while, and if you get no reactions move on, when I say a while I think at the very LEAST a 24 hour period is a reasonable amount of time to wait before moving on, maybe more on the weekend or when you know the person you are dealing with is busy IRL or not as active.

Communication, Communication, Communication... if more people in NS took advantage of one of our greatest gifts as a society, our ability to exchange ideas and thoughts with one another, then maybe we wouldn't have as many OOC bitch threads floating around, less hurt feelings, and above all less Retcons to piss me off...

Just a quick note

I am trying to get ahold of Gooberbunch. It is my understanding that he was looking for a host for the NSWiki and I may be able to provide some options for him. If anyone has his email, IM, or other means of getting ahold of him I would appreciate it.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Today's news, we have seen the last of Syskeyia... again.

Now I have tried to be fair through this whole thing with Syskeyia. Until recently he's been relatively quiet on Mars and not a pain in the ass like I gather he has been on the main Jolt Forums (just one more reason to avoid them). Today he used a rather crude tactic to make an IC post about invading Iraqistan. Apparently the account expired.

Generally if you're not looking to screw over the other person you would wait to see if the person is actually gone or just neglecting his nation, a relatively common occurance. Instead not only does Syskeyia not wait, but several days ago he avoided informing Carlos that his account was about to expire, very bad form IMO, all he was looking for was a cheap excuse to not have to deal with him.

I have been trying to defend Syskeyia through this whole thing but this was just too much, he obviously has some serious issues that hes taking out on people in the NS community. Now he says he's gone, well I say good riddance. We don't need people who are going to make posts IC for OOC reasons, make OOC insult threads, and especially Whiners. If this applies to other people besides Syskeyia I would advise that you take a look at your actions and remember, this is a game and its supposed to be fun. Perhaps the reason you're not having fun is your own doing.

On another note while I'm on my rant... WTF is up recently with retconning?
Maybe this is a habit people are carrying over from the Jolt Forums, but I have noticed over the last couple months a dramatic increase in Retcons. I advise that people start thinking through their actions BEFORE you make IC posts. If you don't like the result TOUGH, thats the way the world is sometimes, especially if you're being aggressive, the likelyhood of others joining against you are quite high. Thats what happens when you piss people off. Stop Retconning your actions. I am calling out for everyone in the Martian Community to join together for a new policy against Retconning Threads without a really good OOC reason to do so (A nation returning from the dead for example). This crap about doing something and then retconning when you don't like the results is being abused and now we should all stand together to stop it before a major precedent is set that will completely destroy the RPs of the community.

Thursday, March 16, 2006


I have updated my blog a little now, added some links. If you are interested in me linking to your site let me know and I'll see what I can do.

Also I am currently looking for anyone with the skills to do Organic Ships. I don't care what program you do it in as long as they look good. Contact me if you are interested, I will give you due credit and we can work out something form of compensation for your time and efforts on my behalf.

So over the last little while I have been making efforts to repair what seems to be mostly an OOC perception of Pilon. It seems that we are viewed as Warmongering, schizophrenic, and that I am also very boastful. I have taken some time to reflect upon what people are saying and think about what I can do to change this image as it is a very negative image.

As one of my favorite rants I would like to point out that I am not going to blame others for this, nor am I going to try to justify my actions. If it is a common perception that I am this way then it quite likely is something I have done, therefore I am actually happy to hear it because it means that it is something I have the power to change.

I have already made great headway today, avoiding snide comments and OOC baiting that I have become to well known for doing. This is something I will continue.

That is all for now...

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

I am not new to blogging, I have kept a seperate blog for myself for a couple years now.

So... this is my first post, I plan to get up at least one post a week on here, but we'll see how that goes.

So my nation is Pilon, though of course most of the people who will be reading this already know this. If you go to IRC I am often there, at least during work hours, so if you feel the need to talk to me thats the best way.

I have been reading the blogs of various other NSers for a little while now, about 3-4 months or so.

If I really like you I'll even give you access to my IMs or you can get my Skype name from IRC as well... so here goes.

I have begun work on a new website for Pilon. The Wiki is incredibly long, and messy, so I am using my free acount with Google Hosting to make something better. I have big plans for the site eventually but as I am very addicted to WoW and work its not likely that it will be worked on that much, but I do at least want to get the Wiki stuff organized and up on the new site, when its more complete I will post a linky here for it.

In NS it is again slow, the whole thing with the Osage seems to have simmered out, don't really think anything will come from the incident but we'll see.
Tannelorn seems to have managed to make an ass of himself once again in this whole thing. I think its his folly to remain associated with Auman, and I see his attempts to assert independance over his nation and break away from Auman's control, we will see how that turns out too. I can only hope that at the same time Tannelorn learns to cool it down a little bit and stop making stupid mistakes.

I am contemplating finding one additional RP region to move into, I have a couple in mind and it will mostly depend on how certain things turn out.

Well I better get back to work will post more later...